Dish Washer Repair

It’s a sad fact but sometimes dishwashers go wrong. Here at Repair Aid, we specialise in fixing all brands and models of dishwasher, whether integrated, freestanding or semi-integrated.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you think that you might have an issue with your dishwasher take a look at these frequently asked questions about dishwasher repairs.

Why won’t my dishwasher start or power up?

There are many reasons why your dishwasher won’t start or power up. Make sure that the power supply, plug fuse, mains cable and the mains terminal block are all ok. This could be an issue if your dishwasher is integrated. If you’re struggling with this, give us a call. If they seem ok, take a look at the filter but ensure that it is discharged first. Again, if you’re uncertain about this please contact us. Aside from these issues you might have problems with your PCBs, timers, wiring loom or even mains switch.

Why won’t my dishwasher drain water?

Again, there could be several reason for why your dishwasher doesn’t drain.
There could be a problem with the pump or plumbing in your house. It really depends whether your dishwasher uses the recirculation motor in reverse. To be sure, it’s best to get one of our dishwasher engineers to take a look.

Why do I keep getting poor wash results from the dishwasher?

More often than not this is usually an issue with the filter or spray arms but could also be caused by the way you load you dishwasher. Try a different load pattern and if you’re still getting poor results give us a call.

Why is my dishwasher noisy?

If your dishwasher is noisy check the spray arms and mounts, main recirculation motor and drain pump. Also make sure that there are no objects that might be trapped in the main recirculation impeller housing. If you can’t find any issues, take note of what the noise sounds like before calling us.

Why is my dishwasher leaking?

This can be quite a scary problem and we recommend calling our dishwasher repair service as soon as you notice a leak. However, to put your mind at ease, possible problems could be a faulty seal, split spray arms, an issue with the pressure switch or sensor or even over foaming which is caused by incorrect detergent use.

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