Fridge Freezer Repair

As a key component in any modern home, keeping your fridge and freezer in full working order is of utmost importance.

Our dedicated fridge freezer repair engineers are regularly trained to service all new and existing freestanding, integrated and built-in units from leading manufacturers.

There’s no doubt that fridge freezers are one of the most useful domestic appliances in our homes. They take up less space than having both a fridge and a freezer but when they go wrong it can be devastating

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a problem with your fridge freezer and you’d like to know more about it then read through these frequently asked questions. Please remember that although you might know what is wrong, it’s best to let trained professionals fix the issue. It could be dangerous and might cause lasting damage.

Why doesn’t my fridge freezer cool?

This is a problem that can effect both the fridge and the freezer sections. This is most often caused by a thermostat failure but can also be the result of faulty compressor PTC or relay. Our engineers will be able to tell quite easily if it is one of these problem or if it is a blockage in the gas pipework.

Why is my fridge freezer overheating?

Much like the cooling issue, overheating is caused by a faulty thermostat. Electronic or electro-mechanical systems like these are fairly simple to repair and thanks to our fully stocked warehouse, our engineers should have your fridge freezer up and running on their first visit.

Why is my fridge freezer leaking water?

Again, this is a problem that can effect both the fridge and the freezer sections. Before calling us, check to see whether anything has leaked. Hopefully you will find an open carton or something similar, which will indicate that there is no serious issue. However, if this is not the case, other possible causes could be a damaged or overfilled defrost tray.

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