Tumble Dryer Repair

Every now and then we all face tumble dryer problems. If this has happened to you and you live in the Birmingham area get in touch with our repair engineers who will visit your home and fix the problem. Our services are very competitively priced and our local engineers have many years of experience dealing with a wide range of brands and models. There is no doubt that you’re in safe hands with Direct Appliances Repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

As with all domestic appliances, tumble dryers can sometimes go wrong. Here are some common problems and answers. Please remember that although some issues can be resolved by you, it is safer to call a trained engineer. Additionally, it’s best not to risk further damage to the machine

Why doesn’t my tumble dryer heat up?

This is quite a common problem that is caused primarily by a faulty heater or thermostat. For example, the thermostat might be tripped. Take a look at the back of the machine for a reset button. Press it and see if your tumble dryer heats up. If not there might be a blockage.

Why doesn’t my tumble dryer drum turn?

The main causes of this problem are faulty belts, jockey wheels or motor capacitor. These parts are common, so if you need a replacement we are sure that we can have our engineers fit one.

Why is my tumble dryer noisy?

Noisy tumble dryers can be caused by many things such as something loose in the drum. Check to see if there is an object, such as a coin, in the drum of the machine. If not the other possibilities could be faulty bearings or bearing motor or worn out jockey wheels or felt pads. It should be easy for our engineers to locate the noise, solve the problem and fit a replacement part.

Why doesn’t my tumble dryer start?

This problem is common on older machines. It’s unlikely, but this could be caused by a timer failure. A more realistic reason could be door micro switch. In honesty though, there could be several reason such as unvented steam due to a poorly positioned vent. This particular problem is often accompanied by a bad smell. Try relocating the vent and see if that helps. If it doesn’t it might be worth giving us a call.

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